Steve's Story

Steve the cat wasn’t always named, Steve. In fact, Steve was previously named, “Buddy,” and before that, his name was, “Animal.” Why so many names? Well, that’s because Steve, a 13-year-old orange tabby cat, had two other homes before he settled with his forever family. 

Steve was previously a very independent cat, who held multiple names in his neighborhood, depending on who was taking care of him. Steve’s current owners had known him at a distance for years, as he would visit their house to play with their other pet cats. One day, seven years ago, Steve chose to stay, and his owners have been taking care of him ever since. 

“We just love Steve; he’s such a smart and serious cat, and he still has an independent nature,” said Steve’s owners, as they visited PetAid Animal Hospital for Steve’s veterinary checkup. “He always wants to observe and figure things out -- he’s like a little kid who wants to find the answers for himself without mom and dad helping!”

In September of 2014, Steve came to PetAid Animal Hospital for the first time. “Steve had developed bladder stones, which made it very hard for him to urinate,” explained Steve’s owners. “It was so important that we get him the medical care he needed, and luckily, PetAid was here to provide care for him at an affordable cost.” Because of the services offered at PetAid Animal Hospital, Steve will be Steve for many more years to come, and living with his loving family.

“Today, Steve is back to his old self! Though, he will be even happier when he gets that cone taken off his head,” laughed Steve’s owners.

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