Candy's Story

Candy, a 16-year-old shitzu, lived in the home of a man who was neglecting her. Rick, a neighbor to the dog’s owner, offered to take Candy in when he saw that she needed a new, loving home. Rick brought Candy to PetAid Animal Hospital to have her health checked. 

Due to neglect, some severe medical problems were diagnosed for Candy: severe dental disease, a heart murmur, and maggots, impacting her ability to eat and properly digest her food. Rick, like many of our clients, took on the care of an animal in need, despite lacking the financial resources to pay for the full cost of veterinary care. 

PetAid Animal Hospital’s staff were able to provide donor subsidized dollars to help meet the cost of Candy’s medical care. Thanks to the generous donations from our donors and everyday heroes like Rick, Candy, is well on her way to being able to eat and digest her food again.

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