Trusty's Story

Trusty is a six-month old bloodhound puppy who was brought to PetAid Animal Hospital by his owner, Ruthie, and her grandson, Kip. They adopted him from a rescue shelter just two weeks prior to coming in, and while Trusty was overjoyed to have a new family to love him, his previous owner had crated poor Trusty for 24 hours a day and the grim after effects were starting to show.

Trusty developed large bumps on the back of his elbows and when the bumps began bleeding and having discharge, Ruthie was referred to PetAid Animal Hospital, where the veterinarian took a small tissue sample from one of Trusty’s bumps and sent it out for a biopsy.

Both Ruthie and Kip were devastated to discover that even as a young pup, Trusty had developed cancer. Trusty underwent surgery a few days later to remove the cancerous bump and is now lump and cancer free. When Ruthie was reunited with her pup, she was overjoyed. “We wouldn’t have been able to have any of this happen—the diagnosis, the surgery, the follow-up, nothing—without PetAid. Poor Trusty would have had to suffer even more without the help of this amazing place.” 

PetAid Animal Hospital offers high-quality, subsidized veterinary care services for pets whose owners, for whatever reason, just can’t afford the care their pets need. Ruthie lives off of her social security benefits while raising her grandson on her own, and finances get tight.

“We named him Trusty because my grandson loves Lady and the Tramp so much,” Ruthie says, “and in that movie, Trusty goes through hard times like us, but keeps being brave and heals later on.” Kip adds with a big smile, “Thank you for saving my best friend, now he can come home to play with me again!”


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