Odis' Story

Odis, an American Bulldog, came in to PetAid Animal Hospital after having swallowed a sock. He appeared quite stable, happy and wagging his tail and the prognosis seemed great. Well, surgery showed a different story entirely. Odis did have a sock in the stomach, but also a string foreign body throughout his intestines. Parts of his intestine had ruptured and had to be removed. 

Odis' recovery became a touch-and-go situation, with PetAid staff fearing that they might lose him. But Odis pulled through and was discharged a day later after showing huge improvement!

Odis is a great pup with great owners. His family consists of a young couple with two young kids. Odis means everything to them. He is part of their family.

It is in situations like these that PetAid is able to serve the community best. Odis' family had to go above and beyond an unexpected cost to care for his medical needs, and through the generosity of our donors, PetAid was able to help offset the veterinary medical cost for Odis.

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