Madonna's Story

Her name means “my lady,” and she is a lady. Madonna is a sweet, senior Italian greyhound and a patient at PetAid Animal Hospital. Madonna has been the cherished companion of Stephanie for more than 12 years, especially since the death of Stephanie’s husband.

Time has been a friend and a challenge for the two, as Madonna’s advanced age has come with a few health concerns. Stephanie realized recently that Madonna was reluctant to eat and had lost a lot of weight. Stephanie brought her little lady to PetAid Animal Hospital, where the doctors diagnosed severe dental disease. They recommended a complete dental cleaning with the potential for multiple tooth extractions, and Stephanie began saving so that Madonna could receive this important treatment.

After a few short months, however, Madonna’s condition grew worse, and she developed a painful abscess on the inside of her cheek. There was no time left to wait. Financial assistance was critical if Madonna was to undergo treatment.

Because PetAid has such a strong network of animal-loving donors, additional funds were available to help Stephanie with the expense of Madonna’s dental care. Treatment was quickly scheduled, and Madonna spent a Friday in November at PetAid Animal Hospital, where doctors had to extract all of her teeth to address the issues. 

Stephanie and Stephanie’s brother, Taz, waited anxiously until Madonna was safely out of surgery and recovery. The little dog was feeling so much better without the painful teeth, and she was happy to be with her family again.The reunion was extra-sweet because Madonna and Stephanie, who is deaf, have their own special language, and their happy sounds filled the waiting room as Madonna was placed in Stephanie’s arms.

The stories they told were reflected in their eyes, as was the joy and the knowledge that nothing is better than being with those you love.

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