Kat Von Kitty's Story

Shannon, a recent high school graduate who lives with her older sister and younger brother on a limited income, brought Kat Von Kitty, a seven-month-old black domestic shorthair, in to PetAid Animal Hospital. Kat Von Kitty was found tangled in Shannon’s screen door and needed immediate attention. 

PetAid Animal Hospital medical staff diagnosed Kat Von Kitty with a fractured distal epiphysis of right femur, or a severe broken leg. Kat Von Kitty’s medical condition was severe and treatment costs were estimated at over $1,000. Because of her circumstances, Shannon qualified for PetAid Colorado's services—donor subsidized veterinary services for economically disadvantaged clients. 

During the amputation surgery, PetAid medical staff were able to accurately and effectively keep Kat Von Kitty comfortable and safe as well as during her recovery.

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