Hugh's Story

PetAid Animal Hospital had a Mercy case recently who won over all of our hearts. His name is Hugh, and he is a big, goofy goldendoodle.

His owner came home one day to find Hugh on the wrong side of the fence. He was sore, but she couldn’t find anything obviously wrong. After a few days, Hugh’s front left leg was swollen and he had a large bruise on his chest. 

We aren’t sure exactly what happened, but we think it may have been a bite wound that got infected.

He required several surgeries to remove necrotic skin from his leg and his chest and provide temporary repairs until the final close, and many bandage changes while everything was healing.

He was a trooper throughout the entire ordeal. We thought he and his mom, Holly, may be good candidates for Mutts and Models...Hugh’s hair will steal the show!

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