Ginger's Story

Ginger is a yellow male tabby who enjoys walks with his family and their dogs. When he came to live with his new owners, they were told he was a girl; and even though he turned out to be a boy, the name Ginger stuck.
Ginger came in to Sunset Ranch Vet Service in Archuleta County with a fractured leg. When his treatment became too expensive, his family was faced with a difficult choice. Luckily for Ginger and his family, the staff at Sunset Ranch applied for a PetAid Care Grant.
The Care Grant is a last-resort financial option that helps provide a one-time surgical or medical intervention that will save a pet. Without such emergency funding, an otherwise treatable animal like Ginger might be unnecessarily euthanized, relinquished, and/or endure excessive suffering. Only veterinary clinics in rural areas may apply for Care Grants on behalf of a client in need.

After successful surgery to realign the bones and place a pin in to hold the leg together, Ginger was back where he belonged, enjoying his daily walks, and his family is grateful for the help they received from the PetAid Care Grant program.

"Ginger is the unique piece to our family that completes us. We would be lost without him. Thank you, PetAid!"

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