Diego's Story

Diego is a two-year-old domestic long hair kitty that was brought to PetAid Animal Hospital because he had been vomiting for five days. He was depressed and dehydrated, but lovingly wrapped in a beautifully crocheted blanket his owner had made. Hospital staff suspected an intestinal foreign body and despite the hospital preparing to close for the day, rallied together and rushed Diego into surgery. 

Sure enough, after exploring the stomach and three additional places in the intestines, the surgical team removed the yarn Diego had swallowed from his GI tract. Although PetAid Animal Hospital generally does not hospitalize over the weekend, staff volunteered to look after Diego to make sure he was doing okay after his ordeal. Happily, Diego recovered well over the weekend, and was ready to go home the following Monday morning.

Because of the initial diagnosis and expense of surgery, Diego’s owner was faced with the difficult reality of euthanizing her beloved pet because she just could not afford the immediate and necessary care Diego needed. With the help of donor-subsidized funds that covered well over half of the medical cost, Diego was afforded the care he desperately needed and can now continue to live a happy life with his loving owner.

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