Clyde's Story

Meet Clyde, an eight-year old Chihuahua and rat terrier mix. Although he may seem like a tiny little guy, don't be fooled! According to his owner, Charlie, Clyde constantly surprises everyone with how much he can eat. You can usually find him chowing down on a delicious treat or snack. And while all that chomping often left Clyde with stinky doggie breath, things took a serious turn for the worse when Charlie noticed that it was becoming painful for Clyde to eat.

"It was really difficult to see," Charlie says, "he would yelp any time he went to his food bowl. I could tell he wanted to eat, but he couldn't chew at all anymore, he was in so much pain." Distraught, Charlie took Clyde to several different veterinarians who told him that Clyde had severe tartar buildup and dental disease. Surgery and treatment were beyond what Charlie could afford, so he left with only antibiotics and no hope of getting Clyde the real treatment he needed to be healthy again.

A friend told Charlie about PetAid Animal Hospital, and he took Clyde in right away. Thanks to the donor-subsidized discounts PetAid can offer, Charlie was able to afford the treatment his best friend desperately needed. After surgery to remove damaged teeth and a thorough dental cleaning, Clyde went home the same day.

"Now," says Charlie, "he has his appetite back and is eating more than ever!" Clyde is once again his normal, feisty self, and his family is overjoyed to see him fully recovered and able to chomp away on his favorite treats!


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