Billie's Story

Larry and Dorothy are an elderly couple who adopted Billie, a three-year old male tabby, from the La Junta Animal Shelter several years ago. Since then, they say, “Billie has become a big part of our family—he shows us his love every day with his sandpaper kisses.” 

Recently, their furry family member was seriously injured when three dogs attacked Billie in their own backyard. “I heard a commotion and ran into the yard to see all of these dogs charging at Billie,” says Dorothy. “After I chased them off our property, Billie’s legs were completely mangled and I could tell that he was in the most terrible pain.” The couple rushed Billie to Ark Valley Animal Hospital where the doctor determined he would need to undergo surgery and treatment; without it, Larry and Dorothy would have to euthanize their beloved Billie. The couple, who had recently lost their businesses and income, just couldn’t afford the surgery. “We love Billie so much, he is a special cat to both of us. We couldn’t stand the thought of putting him down if there was still a chance that he could heal and lead a good life.”

Luckily for Billie and his family, the staff at Ark Valley Animal Hospital applied for a PetAid Care Grant. The Care Grant is a last-resort financial option to provide a one-time surgical or medical intervention that will save a pet, and only veterinary clinics can apply for Care Grants on behalf of a client in need. Without this supplemented charitable care, an otherwise treatable animal like Billie might be unnecessarily euthanized, relinquished, or endure excessive suffering.

Billie’s right rear leg was saved through the use of antibiotics, fluids, laser treatments, and pain medications. However, Billie’s left front leg was severely dislocated at the elbow and because of the extreme ligament separation and nerve injury, had to be amputated. “No matter,” says Larry, “Billie has recovered faster than we could have ever imagined and he doesn’t even seem to notice his missing leg. He still gives us sandpaper kisses, giving us more comfort and love than we could ever express in words.” Both Larry and Dorothy are incredibly grateful for the help they received from the PetAid Care Grant program: “We appreciate and won’t forget your kindness and help for our Billie. One million thanks, PetAid!”


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