Annie's Story

PetAid Client, Mary, and her dog, Annie, are a perfect pair, happy to be together. But how did they meet? “Well, one day my neighbor asked me if I would be interested in taking in a dog,” said Mary, who brought Annie to a PetAid Home Outreach clinic in November. “She said that Annie’s owner had to give her up after moving into an apartment that didn’t allow pets. I said I would take her, and then thought, I already have two cats, so I hope Annie likes cats!”

The next day, Mary stopped by her neighbor’s home to collect Annie. And how did Annie get along with Mary’s cats? “She was very playful. She barked at the cats, and soon they were adjusted to each other,” said Mary. Previously, Mary had owned a sweet old pug named Barney, who passed away in 2013. “I loved him very much,” said Mary. “Barney was a rescue dog from a puppy mill, and I will always have fond memories of him.”

After Annie had settled into her new home, Mary began taking her on walks to a nearby park. Mary soon discovered that Annie loves to run, play, and socialize. “I really enjoyed our time outside,” said Mary of her walks with Annie. “She loves to fetch, then lie down in the grass with her back legs out, and then get up and run some more!”

In addition to her playful energy, Annie soon began to show Mary just how smart and observant a dog she was. “I had been trying to brush Annie’s teeth as instructed at the PetAid Home Outreach Clinic,” explained Mary. “I was told to start slow, and introduce the toothbrush to her gradually.” But Annie didn’t seem to want anything to do with getting her teeth brushed, which made the task a bit of a challenge for Mary. “It wasn’t until I was brushing my teeth that evening that Annie seemed to become interested!” Annie was fascinated by the toothbrush that Mary was using, which made Mary realize that with time, the little dog would come around to getting her own teeth brushed, too. “PetAid gave me the confidence to be patient with her and keep trying the toothbrush on her,” said Mary.

Mary explained that it’s important to maintain veterinary care for Annie, because pet owners are responsible for their pet’s care and health. “As pet owners, we need to be shown how to care for our pets in the best way,” said Mary. “The veterinarian at the PetAid Home Outreach clinic also instructed me to help Annie by choosing a better quality of food, so she will be the best dog possible.” Mary added, “Annie’s health is an important part of her quality of life. I can see that the change in food is already working to improve her skin and fur.”

When asked if Mary would recommend PetAid Colorado to other pet owners, Mary replied, “Definitely! I recently was laid off, with very little money for Annie to get her shots. She is such a good dog and so playful and loving to me. I should be responsible enough to give her basic healthcare. She deserves that too. PetAid helped me take care of her, which I’m very grateful for.”

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