Winnie Walks Again

Winnie is a six-month old Collie mix who met her owner, Patty, at the local grocery store in Bennett. Winnie and her sister, Remmie, were up for adoption and Patty ended up bringing both puppies home. The playful and affectionate sisters quickly settled in and enjoy running around their home on the Eastern plains of Colorado while chasing rabbits and other critters.

One day, before leaving for work, Patty called the pups to put them in their outdoor dog run, but only Remmie answered her call. By lunch break, Winnie had yet to be seen, and Patty began to worry. She drove all over and called every neighbor, but still no Winnie. When Patty’s husband came home, they eventually found Winnie whimpering behind a neighbor’s shed, and unable to get up or move because of the extreme pain she was in. Her leg was badly injured, but they didn’t know how. A miscalculated landing from a jump? A kick from a cow? The answer remains a mystery!

Patty carried Winnie back to the car, made her a splint, and rushed her to the veterinarian, where it was determined that Winnie’s injuries were so severe that amputation was the best option to prevent ongoing issues and suffering. Once out of surgery, it was apparent they’d made the right choice. Just three days after the surgery, Patty told PetAid, “We have to keep her still or else she will take off hopping across the field with Remmie!”

She added, “When something terribly unexpected happened to Winnie and I couldn’t afford the medical care needed to save her mobility, we still had the most wonderful experience at PetAid from the first phone call and visit to meeting the veterinarians, technicians, and everyone involved! I knew we were in the right place to receive the best care possible for Winnie’s comfort. Thanks to you, PetAid, I still have a sweet, little puppy here right next to me who will live a long and beautiful life because of your services.”

Patty was given the gift of hope during this holiday season because without your compassion and generosity, Winnie would not have been able to walk, much less run and play with her sister ever again.

Together, we can reduce suffering and extend the lives of thousands of animals like Winnie in 2017. We are grateful for your support in making Colorado a better place for both pets and people.