Just One Click Can Make a Huge Difference!

PetAid Animal Hospital cares for over 7,200 pets in need every year. We recently reached our Scrub-a-Dub-Dub goal for a new commercial washing machine to help keep our patients comfortable in clean blankets, towels, and linens.

A huge thank you to all of our generous donors! We'd also like to acknowledge the family of Abby Lee Meisterplass and express a very special thank you for providing a major portion of the donation needed to fund the machine.


PetAid Animal Hospital's next equipment campaign is to assist our postoperative patients as best we can with a speedy recovery.

Surgery is ruff! After a surgical operation, recovery is not always easy, in particular for our smaller furry friends. One complication that can arise after surgery is hypothermia, a lowering of the body's temperature that can create a whole host of potential complications by delaying the healing of the patient. 

To prevent this from happening, PetAid Animal Hospital's current goal is to obtain a Warm Touch Convective Warming System. This warm air heater keeps an animal's temperature at a healthy level for them while their bodies start to heal.

Help us fund a Warm Touch Convective Warming System so that the patients we service can leave suffering behind, return to health, and stay in loving homes.

Donate now to http://www.loveanimals.org/pets/sit-stay-heal.html to get our furry patients back on their paws!