Violet the Vivacious

Violet is a lively and active five-year old cat who was adopted by her owner, Mary, several years ago on a farm in their hometown of Dacono, CO. “From the very beginning,” says Mary, “Violet was a cat of the sweetest disposition who has always enjoyed making friends everywhere she goes.” Because of Violet’s outgoing personality, Mary typically lets her roam outside to play with the other neighborhood cats but one day, she came home with “what looked like a ribbon tied around her tail.” Upon closer inspection, it turns out that Violet’s tail was bloody and had been badly damaged with several centimeters of bone exposed. “I was completely dumbfounded,” says Mary. “How and what happened to her tail is still a complete mystery to me.”

Mary wanted to take Violet to the local veterinarian, but was at first hesitant as she lives solely on Social Security benefits and does not have any steady income. Mary could see Violet was suffering because when resting or sleeping, she’d have to frequently change positions so that her tail bone wouldn’t come into contact with anything else. At first, Mary used hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, and bandages to try to treat the wound. But after two days, Violet seemed to be in even more pain so she was taken to the local veterinarian. 

It was there where Mary learned that because the tail is an extension of the spine, should an infection set in, it would spread to Violet’s spinal cord and result in even more damage. This would ultimately cause Violet to become paralyzed and if the infection was still not cared for, could lead to death. This serious veterinary emergency required Violet to have her tail amputated as soon as possible as there was no way to save it without causing further damage. 

After being referred to PetAid Animal Hospital through the veterinarian, Mary rushed Violet over to PetAid. There, the wound was cleaned, and the exposed bone snipped off to right below the skin before stitching the end together, bandaging, and giving her a cone to wear. Now Violet’s back at home, and thanks to the help she received at PetAid, is fully recovered and roaming around once again pain-free.

Without the kindness and support provided by donors like you, Violet and other beloved animal companions just like her would endure needless suffering and/or face possible relinquishment or euthanasia. Mary is incredibly grateful for the generously discounted yet high-quality veterinary care that Violet was able to receive. 


“Now Violet and I will have a good many years left to enjoy each other’s love and company. Thank you, PetAid!”