Honor a Loved One this Valentine’s Day


Jeff and his dog, Buddy, have been the best of friends for over 12 years. One of the things they loved to do most was head to the mountains on the weekends to drive around on ATVs while Buddy played and romped in the empty fields. “Those were the happiest days for us,” says Jeff.

Unfortunately, Jeff was in a bad accident that left him disabled. Buddy became a major part of Jeff’s recovery, particularly when it came to helping him stay dedicated to his physical therapy.

“The doctors said I would never be able to walk again,” explains Jeff, “but Buddy kept me going, and eventually I was able to walk around the block with him. It may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but it was only because of Buddy that I kept trying.”

When we first met Jeff at PetAid Animal Hospital, he had brought Buddy in when his usually rambunctious friend wasn’t feeling well. It was clear to our medical staff how much these two loved and supported one another. It was discovered during diagnosis that Buddy was suffering from an auto immune disorder causing excruciating skin and tongue ulcers. With the severity of this condition and only a very slim chance of recovering, Jeff decided that the most humane option was to “let Buddy go to heaven so he won’t have to suffer in so much pain anymore.”

Jeff left the hospital alone and heartbroken that day. But in the months to follow, he focused on how Buddy lived a good, long life and how adored he was. PetAid received an email from Jeff with a painting he made portraying the happy days that he and Buddy had shared before his accident. “I painted this to help with the grief I felt,” Jeff wrote. “It helped me a lot. Maybe it can help someone else, too. Thank you for all of your help with Buddy.”


Have you ever lost a pet who still means the world to you or know someone who has?

With a memorial gift to PetAid Colorado, you can honor the joy that comes hand-in-hand (or hand-in-paw) with loyal companionship by both remembering and celebrating a pet who helped shape who you are today. Memorial giving can also be a thoughtful way to offer condolences to family members and friends during difficult times of sadness and loneliness.

When you make a memorial donation, PetAid will acknowledge your contribution by sending the recipient a card to notify them of your gift. All you have to do is provide us with the appropriate name and address, and we’ll take care of the rest. The amount of your gift will not be mentioned, and a separate receipt will be sent to you.

Honor a loved one and make a memorial gift online by clicking here or you can print a donation form to send in the mail if you prefer. For questions, please contact Meghan Burke, PetAid’s Development Coordinator, at meghanburke@petaidcolorado.org or call 303.539.7638.