Become a PetAid Ambassador Without Spending a Dollar

As a nonprofit deeply committed to keeping pets and people together, PetAid Colorado enriches communities by partnering with local veterinarians to provide a healthcare safety net for underprivileged pets. Veterinarians throughout the state have been particularly helpful in their efforts to increase awareness of PetAid by making referrals when clients are on fixed incomes and cannot afford treatment for their pets.


To continue spreading awareness, PetAid has created free kits that will be distributed to participating local businesses. Each kit includes an 11” x 17” pocket folder that displays the PetAid mini-brochure along with accompanying donation envelopes. In addition, there is a donation box and/or marketing cards that can be placed in the reception area so that interested clients can learn more about the donor-subsidized medical care that PetAid provides.


We hope to garner your support as ambassadors of PetAid! Help pets in poverty without spending a dollar by ordering your safety net partner kit today. It’s easy—simply contact or call 303.539.7638.


Not interested in a safety net kit, but still want to make a meaningful contribution? Support can take many forms, which include:


  • Donating a gift monthly, quarterly, or annually to PetAid.

  • Hosting a fundraiser at your place of business benefiting PetAid.

  • Promoting PetAid through your organization’s website, newsletter, blog, or through other various media platforms.


Let’s get the word out about PetAid in our communities so that, pet by pet, we’re able to create a safety net that reduces the barriers to veterinary care for those most in need.