Simon the Sweet

Simon is a sweet and gentle five-year old Siamese cat, a handsome little fellow with white paws and blue eyes, who immediately caught his owner Karen’s attention at the Georgetown Animal Shelter where she adopted him. And while Simon is shy around just about everyone, he’s perfectly happy with Karen inside their small apartment, and loves nothing more than to sit on her lap every morning when she reads the Summit Daily.

Karen started to worry when Simon began running away from his food bowl. Once she realized that eating seemed to really hurt him and his gums were red and swollen, Karen wasted no time taking him to Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital. “I had an older cat many years ago that had to be euthanized because the cost of fixing her teeth was just too much,” Karen says. “I did not want this to happen again to my Simon. I am responsible for my pet, and he is such a sweet, gentle boy, as well as a good friend to me.”

Even at Simon’s young age, he was diagnosed with stomatitis, a painful and life-threatening problem in cats that makes both eating and swallowing difficult and extremely painful. Simon would need to have multiple teeth extracted to ease his pain, which Karen just couldn’t afford. “I can’t let Simon be in pain, and I can’t allow it to get worse. But I live on such a low income, I don’t know what to do.” Fortunately for Karen, the staff at Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital applied for a PetAid Care Grant, a last-resort financial option that provides one-time surgical or medical help to save a pet. Without such emergency funding, Karen faced the heartbreaking decision to either euthanize or relinquish Simon to save him from suffering.

After successful surgery to remove half of his teeth, Simon returned home with Karen to a new diet of wet food. Not only is his appetite back, Karen is thrilled to report, but so is his naturally affectionate personality, making both pet and human a happy duo once again.

“Simon is doing great,” says Karen. “He’s back on my lap, pawing and purring each morning when I read the paper. It’s a ritual I didn’t realize how much I depend on every day. He brings me such joy. Thanks so much for having this program, PetAid, and for sparing me yet another heartbreak.”