Want to Really Help Pets in Need?

Colorado Gives Day is on Tuesday, December 5, but you don’t have to wait until then to make a donation!


PetAid supporters are able to schedule donations in advance as early as TODAY at ColoradoGives.org/PetAidColorado.

Your scheduled donation will process on Colorado Gives Day, December 5, while still counting towards the Incentive Fund and cash prize tallies.

There is no better time than now to help pets in need. Every gift made towards veterinary subsidies that is raised on Colorado Gives Day will also be doubled during PetAid’s 2017 Matching Gift Campaign!

This means a:

$25 donation x 2 = $50 helps fund a comprehensive wellness exam.
$50 donation x 2 = $100 covers the cost of IV and fluids for a pet undergoing desperately needed surgical intervention.
$250 donation x 2 = $500 provides access to life or death veterinary care for a vulnerable pet with serious medical issues.

CO Gives 2017 bckg.png


Please believe you can make a life-changing difference for underprivileged pets in Colorado by giving them a second chance to remain in loving homes and with their families.