Saving Susie

Did you know the Mastiff is one of the most ancient dog breeds? These big and benevolent creatures are also the most loyal companions anyone could ever ask for (as long as you don’t mind a little drooling here and there!) Susie, in particular, is an affectionate and playful five-year old Mastiff who loves to protect the children in her family, even sleeping by their bedsides at night since they don’t mind her snoring.


Susie became ill and was diagnosed with pyometra, an infection of the uterus. Without surgery to treat this serious medical issue, Susie’s uterus would rupture, spilling the infection into her abdominal cavity, and causing certain death. Her owner, Felicia, was distraught over how much the cost of Susie’s treatment would add up to. “As a single mom who recently had to put our house under foreclosure, it’s hard for us to get by as is,” says Felicia. “But Susie has been a constant source of comfort for my kids. All of this change going on in our lives right now has depleted my savings to hardly anything.”

The family was referred to PetAid Animal Hospital, where discounted, donor-subsidized veterinary services are made available to pets in need. Susie received the life-saving surgery she required to remove her infected uterus and ovaries, and was soon back home again with her family.

Just one day after surgery, Felicia contacted PetAid’s hospital staff to let them know that “Susie is doing so much better, and is fortunately gaining weight.” Felicia’s daughter couldn’t help but chime in, “Susie means the world to us, and I’m so glad she’s still here. Thank you, PetAid!”

Pet owners who turn to PetAid for assistance are typically people who, like Felicia, have experienced life-changing circumstances that have created barriers to desperately needed veterinary care when their pet is suffering from an unanticipated illness or injury.  

Please believe that you can make a meaningful difference for animals at high risk of being relinquished or abandoned by giving them (and their owners) a second chance at staying together.