Samson the Strong

Samson is a St. Bernard who is almost three years old and belongs to Karli, her husband, and their four children. They rescued Samson almost a year ago and now can’t imagine a life without him. “Samson is more than a pet to us, he’s our family,” says Karli, “He won our hearts from the moment we rescued him, and I am certain he does more for our lives than we could ever do for him.”

Karli’s son, Kaleb, does volunteer work at Montezuma Veterinary Clinic in Cortez, so he took Samson there when the poor pup began vomiting repeatedly and became lethargic. “On our drive over,” Karli says, “Samson got worse and could hardly stand up. Something was really wrong.” An exam showed that Samson had swallowed one of his toys, and surgery would be required to remove it from his intestines. The cost of the surgery was well outside of their limited budget, and the family was forced to consider humane euthanasia. 

Fortunately, the staff at Montezuma Veterinary Clinic applied for a PetAid Care Grant, which helps cover the costs of a one-time medical intervention to save the life of a pet like Samson with a good prognosis. When Karli and the kids came to pick up Samson post-op, Karli was crying with relief as her youngest toddler clung to his neck. With tears in her eyes, a very happy Karli told us,

“I truly believe Samson wanted to live for our two-year old daughter. He has so many cuddles, long naps, and slobbery kisses to give. He is a big brother to all of my children and protects them. He is nothing less than a son to me and my husband.” 

Kaleb added, “We need his big fluff to cuddle and watch movies with. We need to hold him when he is afraid of thunder. I need him to take up space in my bed." 


"We need him, and he needs us just as much. Thank you for keeping us together, PetAid!”