Precious Penelope


Cats are curious and can get into tricky situations. Penelope, who likes to explore, fell off the back of a pickup truck. Her concerned owners took her to a local veterinary clinic, where they were told she’d fractured her leg and would need immediate treatment to repair the damage. The couple, who are both disabled and living on fixed incomes, were distressed over how to pay for the care she needed. They feared their only option was to relinquish her, but the thought of this was unbearable. “She gives lots of love and snuggles with us when we are not feeling well, she calms us down, and helps us relax. She is our ‘support’ cat companion and our precious love muffin. We can’t lose her!”

The veterinarian referred them to PetAid Animal Hospital, where staff immediately saw the deep bond they shared with their feline friend. “They seem extremely close to Penelope,” says the doctor who examined her. “They were so kind, cooperative, and really just wanted help for their little friend.”  That help arrived when Penelope was able to have her fracture repaired because of the donor subsidies provided for pet owners struggling to afford treatment.

“Thank you for making Penelope healthy and happy again,” said her grateful owners. “We don’t know what we would do without her.”

Stories like this happen daily here at PetAid Animal Hospital, where we treat up to 52 animals a day; and despite the rising numbers, our medical team remains dedicated and never compromises on the standard of care.

Will you save the life of a pet like Penelope? Pets like her need your help! Please believe you can make a powerful and meaningful difference for pets in need by giving them a second chance to remain in their loving homes.