Brownie and Phil

Brownie, a 13-year-old dachshund, is the only family Phil has left after inheriting her from his son who unexpectedly passed away. The two formed a close bond as they mourned together during this extremely difficult time.

“Brownie is a shining example of the expression ‘man’s best friend,’" says Phil. "She is always there to support and comfort me, and is really a blessing. She is so sweet and always knows when I am not myself because she will come and give me a kiss.”

Recently, Phil found himself in dire financial straits and struggling after the restaurant he owned for over two decades suddenly went out of business. When Brownie was diagnosed with a tumor in her stomach, Phil was at a loss for options on how to treat her. He knew he couldn't afford the surgery she so desperately needed, but he couldn’t bear to abandon her during her greatest time of need.  

“I am at a loss for options, and feel so hopeless," said Phil. "I live alone, and sometimes forget how lucky I am to have such a loving companion to always keep me company.”

Phil was able to save the life of his best friend because of the compassionate staff at New Castle Veterinary Clinic, who were deeply touched by Brownie and Phil’s predicament and applied for a PetAid Care Grant, which covers the cost of a one-time medical intervention to save the life of a pet. Brownie underwent a lumpectomy and emerged from surgery tumor- and cancer-free! Once Phil was reunited with Brownie, he wasn’t shy about expressing his gratitude and absolute joy, sighing with unmistakable relief as he lovingly cradled her in his arms.

“It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for this help in keeping her in my life," says Phil. "Thank you, PetAid.”

Pets like Brownie have remained happy, healthy, and bonded with family in their forever homes thanks to private donations from PetAid supporters like you. This is also made possible, in part, because of the generosity provided by the kindhearted and compassionate members of PetAid Colorado’s Louise Harrison Legacy Society.