OIive Fights Against Overwhelming Odds


Olive is an eight-year old Welsh terrier who delights the PetAid Animal Hospital staff time and time again when she comes in every two weeks for her check-ins. It’s not hard to see why. With her incredibly outgoing nature and adorable teddy bear appeal, Olive is a truly special dog who fought to survive after being diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia, a disease that causes the body to attack and destroy its own red blood cells.

Olive’s owner, Susan, began to notice something was very wrong when the usually energetic terrier became extremely lethargic and disoriented due to low oxygen levels in her brain. Olive’s symptoms became increasingly worse to the point where she could no longer walk. “It was terrible to see her like that,” says Susan with tears in her eyes, “she would stand up and was so listless, that even a gust of wind could easily knock her over.” When Olive finally got to the point where she needed to be carried to the food bowl to eat, Susan rushed her to their local veterinary clinic. There, numerous tests were performed from bone marrow examinations to a urinalysis to an abdominal ultrasound.

These recommended tests steadily became financially overwhelming, and Susan panicked as she was no longer able to afford the continued medical services required to save Olive’s life: “She was on death’s door—that’s not an exaggeration. But then Olive lifted up her head and looked at me, she was still fighting to live, and there was no way I could let her down.”

Much to Susan’s great relief, Olive was referred to PetAid Animal Hospital where her life was saved thanks to the veterinary care subsidies provided by our kindhearted and compassionate donors. Our devoted medical team was able to outline a treatment plan specific to Olive’s needs based on her diagnostic test results, and her condition started to slowly improve after being prescribed the appropriate drug treatments. Since relapses are common with this disease, Olive has continued to come to the hospital on a regular basis so we can monitor her closely as the medications have steadily decreased.

Every day, Susan is absolutely overjoyed to still be in “my little teddy bear’s company,” and is especially grateful to PetAid for giving Olive a second chance to live a life free from discomfort, pain, and disease. Olive and Susan and are just one example of how PetAid keeps pets and their people together by expanding access to quality veterinary care for those in need to prevent suffering, euthanasia, and abandonment. We hope you will join us in our commitment to not only helping people and pets who are less fortunate; but most importantly, keeping them together in forever homes.