Medusa Fights Against All Odds

Medusa is a bull terrier puppy who was brought to PetAid Animal Hospital after her owner, Martha, noticed that she was having trouble walking and was vomiting after meals. Martha had only adopted Medusa a few days earlier, but the two were already inseparable. “It was heartbreaking to see this little baby of mine, under my care, suddenly get so sick. I knew I had to help her as best I could.”

Martha works for minimum wage at a fast food chain, and knew her options were limited. “I make very little and every time I get a paycheck, it all goes to paying rent. Denver has become so expensive to live in, and there is hardly ever anything left over.” She added, “I don’t have many friends or family around to lean on. I started to wonder, having less than $7 in my checking account, if I’m really worthy of having such a great pet like Medusa. I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I do have unlimited love to give her.”


We here at PetAid believe that all pets, regardless of their owner’s financial status, need loving homes and deserve the veterinary care required to prevent suffering and relinquishment. An x-ray was taken, revealing foreign objects in poor Medusa’s stomach. Surgery was performed and over 30 wire nails were removed. It turns out that she had eaten them off the floor of the garage where she was housed the day before Martha adopted her. 

Medusa was actually very lucky to have survived and that her esophagus wasn’t punctured while swallowing the wire nails. Had Martha not acted so quickly, it could have been too late. “Medusa is a survivor,” says Martha, “I’m so happy she didn’t just give up. It makes me love her even more.” By the time Martha was able to take Medusa home from PetAid Animal Hospital, the little pup still had a very visible scar from the stitches over her stomach, but was clearly overjoyed to be reunited with Martha. Just seeing the vigorous way her little tail wagged to and fro brought her relieved owner close to tears.

“I really am so incredibly grateful for what PetAid does,” says Martha, “Sweet Medusa brightens every day for me, and brings me comfort after long, bad days at work. Thank you for keeping this sunshine in my life!”