Mabel’s Munching Mishap

You’d be surprised at all of the bizarre things dogs eat—squeaky toys, beef hooves, bungee cords, coins, hair ties, nails—we’ve seen it all here at PetAid Colorado! The last thing pet owner Maria expected was a medical emergency after purchasing a new puppy toy for her dog, Mabel. Mabel broke off a few pieces of it while swallowing large chunks, and started vomiting before completely losing her appetite.

“It was so terrible to see,” says Maria. “Mabel’s belly looked sunken in, and I could tell that she was really suffering and in so much pain.” She was taken to her local veterinary clinic for x-rays, where they were able to see what was causing Mabel’s sickness and discomfort. The dog toy! With bits of it lodged firmly in her intestines, Mabel was in desperate need of foreign body surgery.


“When I found out what the cost would entail, our family was super stressed,” Maria says. “Although the diagnosis was affordable, surgery just wasn’t.” With a lack of options and nowhere to turn, Maria felt an incredible sense of relief and hope when the veterinarian told her about PetAid Animal Hospital, a place where donor subsidized care is available to assist sick and injured pets when they are helpless and hurting. “I called right away, and the front desk staff told me to bring her in that same day because they realized how severe her medical situation was. They truly cared about saving her life.” 

Much to her delight, the surgery went off without a hitch. Mabel’s entire family was absolutely overjoyed once they saw how amazing she was doing post-op and during her recovery, especially after they had expected the worst. 

When Maria brought Mabel in for her final appointment to have her staples removed, she thanked PetAid’s medical team for “taking care of my girl as if she were their own.” On the drive home, Maria’s son snapped a photo of Mabel smiling ear to ear—healthy, safe, and most importantly, happy to be heading back home with her loving family.