Lucky Luna Lives On!

Hugo speaks lovingly of how Luna came into his life four years ago when he was first diagnosed with a type of chronic depression that was beginning to spiral out of control. “When I adopted Luna,” says Hugo, “she helped me in ways that I never thought an animal could. Luna has brightened days that I thought were dark and hopeless by bringing so much love into my life.”

Since then, Luna has been Hugo’s constant companion, and they take care of each other. One night while Hugo was at home eating dinner, he heard hissing and cries of pain coming from outside. Luna had been exploring in the front yard when she was viciously attacked by a passing stray cat who punctured one of her hind legs. Hugo immediately took his injured feline to their local veterinarian, and Luna received treatment and had her wounds cleaned.


She healed quickly, but after that, Hugo decided that he would keep Luna inside the house. “It wasn’t worth the risk,” he explains. “Luna means the world to me, and I honestly don’t know where my mental health would be without her.”

Sadly, the stray cat wasn’t done with little Luna. When Hugo left to work his shift as a busser, the same cat tore through one of the window screens and attacked Luna in her own house. “When I got home,” says Hugo, “Luna’s hair and blood were everywhere. It was really horrible and a lot worse than the first time she was attacked.”

Luna had lacerations all over her body and developed an abscess and tendonitis. Hugo knew that being on such a fixed and limited income, he simply didn’t have the funds necessary to get Luna the treatment she desperately needed. However, Hugo couldn’t let her suffer, and “because of some serious luck when she needed it most,” he was referred to PetAid Animal Hospital. Here, our medical team wasted no time performing a surgical debridement on Luna to remove the unhealthy tissue that had started to form in several of her wounds. 

Wound management and further treatment saved Luna’s life, returning her to Hugo, who was overjoyed. “She is doing so much better compared to when I first brought her in,” he told us at her final checkup. “I am grateful to everyone at PetAid Animal Hospital for this amazing service and help.”

Luna’s suffering was relieved and her life extended, much to Hugo’s relief, because of the veterinary subsidies that are made possible by our compassionate, kindhearted donors. Thanks to your contributions, Luna is once again healthy and at home, safe with Hugo this holiday season.

PetAid continues to see tremendous growth with each passing day. Luna is just one of the 13,360 pets whose lives were vastly improved in 2017 due to your generous support. Please know that we couldn’t have done it without you, and wish both you and your family the happiest of holidays on behalf of all the animals that were cared for by PetAid this year.