Lucy the Lovable

Lucy is a nine-year old Brittany Spaniel and the constant companion of Annie, who lives on disability insurance.

“Lucy is my whole world,” Annie says. “With my disability, it’s really hard to even go outside or get around, and Lucy is the only company I keep on most days.” 

So imagine Annie’s fear when Lucy lost her appetite, began vomiting, and wasn’t acting like her usual energetic self. Annie took Lucy to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, where Lucy was diagnosed with pyometra, a uterine infection that is not uncommon in older dogs who haven’t been spayed, but is fatal if left untreated. 

Because Annie lives on disability insurance, it was impossible for her to provide the full payment needed to save Lucy’s life. “I was in shock,” says Annie, “and so scared that I would lose Lucy. I didn’t know what to do, but Alameda East did. They referred me to PetAid Animal Hospital where Lucy had surgery that very same day.” During the 45-minute procedure, Lucy’s infection was completely removed and she was able to return home safe and sound with Annie.


“I just don’t know how I could go on if I’d lost her,” Annie told us when she came to pick up her precious canine companion. “Thank you, PetAid, for your dedication to what you do; without you, I wouldn’t have my Lucy back.”


Clients like Annie are provided supplemental veterinary care at PetAid Animal Hospital with discounts that are based on an income sliding scale. Such generous subsidies are made possible by caring and kindhearted donors like you, who give PetAid Animal Hospital the ability to prevent unnecessary and prolonged suffering when a pet’s medical needs can otherwise be treated. If you’d like to save the life of a pet like Lucy, click here.