Gregory the Grateful Goat

Gregory is a baby goat who was adopted by his owner, Mike, while visiting family friends on their ranch in Nebraska. Mike grew attached to the goat’s affectionate nature and obvious charisma, finally deciding to bring him back to Denver. And while Gregory may not seem like the obvious pet for big city life, the two have bonded even more over their love of anything edible and dramatic reality television shows.

One day, while Mike was cooking up a vegetable storm for the two of them in the kitchen, Gregory managed to unlock the front door and sneaked out to chew on the plants and grass in the front yard. His curiosity got the better of him, and he headed down the road in search of more tasty greenery before accidentally getting hit by a neighbor's car. “It was terrible,” says Mike, “I could hear loud bleating from where I was cooking in the kitchen, and just knew something bad had happened.”

He ran outside the house to find that Gregory’s rear left leg was completely mangled after getting stuck underneath the car’s tire. Mike rushed Gregory to Denver Animal Shelter only to find that the cost to fix his leg was overwhelming. “I am already barely surviving on minimum wage,” says Mike. “I felt hopeless because the surgery cost was so out of my league, and I don’t have friends or family who could help me.”

Denver Animal Shelter referred Mike to PetAid Animal Hospital, where Gregory was diagnosed with a broken tibia and fractured tarsal bones. He underwent surgery, and was dewormed and double checked for parasites. Despite being in a cast, Gregory was already up and about the same day as the surgery and back to his cheery, charming self as hospital staff took great delight in feeding him carrots.

“I know a goat is a weird pet to have,” Mike told us, “but Gregory has a real special personality. When he broke his leg, I didn’t think anyone could help and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep him. Gregory is very grateful for a place like PetAid; and believe me, I am too.” 

PetAid Animal Hospital works with Colorado’s disadvantaged owners to provide medical services for pets in need. Without the help of PetAid, most owners are faced with some heartbreaking choices: deferring treatment (which only prolongs pain and suffering), relinquishing, or even euthanizing the animal they love. 

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Gregory may not be the most conventional pet that PetAid Animal Hospital has cared for, but he is still dearly loved by Mike and happy to be home safe and sound while on the mend. Three cheers for Gregory’s speedy recovery!