The Story of Gob and His Bloated Belly

Gob is a nine-year old schnauzer mix who enjoys making friends in the park and bossing around his canine baby sister, Maeby. Gob was adopted from a shelter after his owner, Megan, fell head over heels in love with his playful personality and penchant for adventure.

Megan became deeply concerned when, one day, Gob began vomiting and acting strangely.  She took him in to the veterinarian who noticed that Gob seemed bloated. An ultrasound showed that he had a tumor and gallstones, and surgery to have the spleen and bladder stones removed would be required to save his life. Not being able to afford the surgery, Megan was devastated and felt completely out of options. However, much to her and Maeby’s relief, the veterinarian shared information about PetAid Animal Hospital’s discounted services and reassured Megan that Gob would receive the highest quality of care.

Megan rushed Gob to PetAid Animal Hospital, where blood work and x-rays indicated that he would need an emergency splenectomy to prevent the tumor from erupting with fatal consequences. Surgery was performed and went off without a hitch, and Megan had excellent news for us when asked about Gob’s recovery process. “Gob is doing so great! At this point, you wouldn’t even know he had surgery less than two weeks ago. I can tell he feels so much lighter without that tumor.” She added, “Everyone at PetAid clearly loves animals, and really wants to help people like me. I could not be more thrilled, and fully expect Gob to be back at 100% once his staples are removed.”

Gob is also happy to be back at home with his family, and has been spending most of his time cuddling with his beloved little Maeby while on the mend.

“We truly adore Gob with all of our hearts…he really is my child,” Megan emphasized. “Thank you, PetAid, for saving his life. I will always be grateful for what you did for us. ”

Because of generous donors like you, Gob is just one of the nearly 12,000 underprivileged patients that PetAid was able to serve in 2016. As demand continues to increase in 2017, please believe you can make a life-changing difference for animals at risk by giving them—and their owners—a second chance at staying together.