Girl Scouts Support PetAid Colorado

Troop #61608 from the Girl Scouts of America paid us a visit in April to take a tour of PetAid Animal Hospital. They were incredibly excited to get a firsthand view of the exam rooms, laboratory, pharmacy, and of course, all of the cats and dogs!

One Girl Scout told us "I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up!" after seeing our hospital team in action.

The troop's leader was a former client and told us after the tour that because her experience with PetAid Animal Hospital had been such a memorable one in her life, the Girl Scouts had taken a vote and decided as a troop to donate $500 to the hospital. 

This generous gift will provide enough for eight underprivileged animals to be medically cared for. The girls earned the money after walking tirelessly from door-to-door selling cookies with the hopes of "saving as many animals as we can." 

Thank you Girl Scouts Troop #61608, not only for keeping us in your thoughts, but also for all of your hard work and dedication!