Foxy the Fearless

Foxy Brown is a ten-year old Pomeranian who first came to PetAid Animal Hospital in 2016 for pyometra, an infection in the uterus. Her owner, Sarah, was referred to PetAid by Seven Hills Veterinary Center because “there was no way we would’ve been able to afford Foxy’s care without the discounts PetAid provides.” Foxy was spayed, recovered well, and went home happy and healthy with Sarah, who was also very pleased with her experience at the hospital. “I absolutely love you guys! I am so happy that I brought Foxy here.”

However, 2017 brought new challenges for Foxy when she was attacked by another dog so viciously that her entire shoulder joint was destroyed. With a displaced scapula and severe fractures in her left front leg, it was obvious that Foxy was in desperate need once again of the quality, donor-subsidized medical care provided at PetAid.

“I was very scared to see Foxy suffer in so much pain, and was thinking the worst,” says Sarah. “PetAid Animal Hospital was our only hope to save her.”

Foxy’s bite wound injuries were so complex that once her muscles and skin began to heal, amputation became the best prognosis to prevent ongoing issues from the damage done to her soft tissue. After Foxy got her final staples out of her most serious wounds, she half-sashayed-half-hopped on her three little legs to Sarah in the waiting room. The two couldn’t have been more overjoyed to be reunited.

“PetAid took such great care of Foxy,” Sarah said as her fluffy companion snuggled in her arms. “It is obvious that she was loved and so well cared for by everyone here. Thank you!”

Foxy has now returned home for recovery, and is once again enjoying all of her favorite things: car rides, snuggles, and hogging all the most comfortable pillows.

“She’s fantastic!” Sarah emphasized to us. “Healing quickly and back to her sassy self. Thank you from the bottom our hearts, PetAid.”