Eli the Cat Survives Cancer Scare

Eli the Cat.jpg

When Stephanie found Eli six years ago, he was a scared stray cat hiding under a neighborhood dumpster. After many attempts at bribery with different cans of tuna and cat food, she was able to win the stray’s trust before giving him a brand new home. “Eli has brought me so much joy over the years with his goofball personality!” says Stephanie. “So I became concerned when he started growing a bump on his head. After about a month of watching him and noticing it wasn’t going away, I decided it was time for him to be seen by a veterinarian.”

Stephanie took Eli to PetAid Animal Hospital where staff took a small tissue sample from Eli’s bump and sent it for biopsy. Stephanie was extremely distressed to learn that Eli had developed a mass tumor on his head and would need surgery to remove the cancerous bump. “I live off of my disability payments, and it’s not a lot,” explains Stephanie. “I was scared I’d have to put my baby down because there is no way I could pay the unexpected cost for the surgery he needed.”

Because of funds donated from PetAid’s kindhearted and compassionate supporters, the hospital was able to provide subsidies that made it possible for Eli to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. His life was saved, and Stephanie is happy to report that Eli is now cancer free and has made a full recovery. “He’s back to his normal self and doing great after the two-week healing process. PetAid is truly a blessing to pet owners who, like me, live on fixed incomes. I appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart!”

Pets like Eli depend on PetAid during such major moments of uncertainty, thanks to the generous contributions made from our community. Will you continue to help keep pets and their people together by expanding access to quality veterinary care when it is needed most? There is, without a doubt, no better time than now!