PetAid Receives Grant from Dresner Foundation

PetAid Colorado is pleased to announce that it has received a $10,000 grant from the Dresner Foundation. These funds will support the equipment needs of PetAid Animal Hospital, which provides comprehensive healthcare to thousands of sick and injured animals each year by offering high-quality, generously discounted medical care to disadvantaged populations.

“The veterinarians at PetAid Animal Hospital are exceptional – but they can’t deliver care using just their talent alone!” said Ralph Johnson, chief executive officer of PetAid Colorado. “Treating sick and injured pets also requires a wide array of equipment. The timing of this gift from the Dresner Foundation was impeccable because our dental system compressor was dying, compromising our ability to address the severe cases of dental disease we treat every day. Thankfully, the Dresner grant allowed us to replace that system and address other pressing equipment needs, so that we can continue to provide the high-quality patient care that our clients expect and their beloved pets deserve. On behalf of pets and people in need, we are deeply grateful for the Dresner Foundation’s generous support.”

Nearly 33,000 pet-owning households live in poverty in the Denver metro area alone. In these low-income communities, approximately 12,204 pets are unnecessarily euthanized or relinquished annually because their owners did not believe they could afford the medical care needed to save their pets. That’s where PetAid can step in to help. Last year, PetAid Animal Hospital cared for nearly 8,000 of these at-risk pets. The funds provided by the Dresner Foundation will support PetAid Animal Hospital’s equipment needs, which are necessary to ensure their continued ability to meet the veterinary needs of a truly deserving and underserved population.

The Dresner Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives in profoundly positive ways through grants focused on health, youth, and animal welfare.


“We are pleased to offer PetAid Colorado the opportunity to expand their reach and provide critical services to both animals and their owners in need.” -- Lori Dresner, president of the Dresner Foundation.