Colorado Kids Raise $300 for PetAid in Disc Golf Tournament


A huge thank you to everyone who participated in “Fly! Colorado Kids Love Disc Golf,” where children of all ages came together to raise $300 to alleviate the pain and suffering of pets during their greatest time of need. Held on April 22 at Springvale North Disc Golf Course in Thornton, sponsors included Latitude 64, Rob Liebman, Mile High Disc Golf Club, Gypsy Disc Golf, Fly Green Disc Golf Shop, Wind Riders Adventure Camp, and My Clutter Coach.

One participant was a former client who told us that because her experience with PetAid Animal Hospital was so positive, the team wanted to donate their earnings with the hopes of “saving as many pets as we can.” We are grateful for their hard work and for keeping us in their thoughts! Additionally, many thanks to the event’s sponsors for educating the next generation on kindness, respect, and responsibility for animals.

Their gift means the difference between life and death for a sick or injured pet whose family is being forced to consider euthanasia or relinquishment. Would you like to also making a life-changing difference?