A Positive Community Impact

A tremendously big thank you to the Banfield Foundation for providing a grant to PetAid’s Community Outreach program, which makes medical services available for pets who belong to economically disadvantaged owners and do not have access to proper veterinary care. Community Outreach hosts free wellness and vaccine clinics in targeted locations throughout the Denver metro corridor that help seniors, people with disabilities, the homeless, and others with financial, physical, and geographical barriers to obtaining in-clinic medical care for their pets. View the full press release detailing the Banfield Foundation’s much-appreciated contribution towards PetAid’s Community Outreach program.

We’d also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Thrivent Financial. In 2016, over 335,000 Thrivent members chose to direct Choice Dollars® to more than 32,000 schools, churches, and other nonprofits (including PetAid Colorado) through Thrivent Choice®. The Thrivent Choice programs helps members of Thrivent Financial make powerful and positive changes in their neighborhoods and beyond. As a Thrivent Choice® member, you can have direct influence over where some of Thrivent Financial’s charitable outreach funds go. Click here for more information on Thrivent Choice dollars.