The Pug Puppy with Parvo

Did you know that last year alone, 80 dogs were treated for parvovirus at PetAid Animal Hospital? This year, the hospital is already on schedule to treat at least 137 parvo cases—a 71% increase from 2016!

Parvovirus, often referred to as parvo, is an extremely contagious disease that is highly resistant and even survives on inanimate objects like food bowls, clothes, and shoes. If left untreated, it is fatal. Incidents of this completely preventable illness are on the rise because many pet owners just don’t know about the virus or the proper vaccination protocols needed to avoid it.

It is not uncommon for an unvaccinated pet to contract parvo in urban areas, especially where there are many dogs. One such puppy is a pug named Chewy, who caught the life-threatening disease during a play date with his friend at the local neighborhood park.

After being adopted just a few months ago, Chewy had begun adjusting and enjoying his new family and home. His owner was told that the litter Chewy came from had already been given their parvo vaccines, which is why it didn’t seem to make sense when he began displaying classic symptoms like vomiting, fever, and a drastic loss in appetite. When Chewy started having bloody stools, his owner became increasingly alarmed—but living paycheck to paycheck, he wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do.

In a rapidly growing city like Denver, where the cost of living has skyrocketed, vital veterinary care for a beloved pet is often not accessible when an unexpected illness or accident occurs. Poverty for many of these underprivileged pets translates into pain and suffering simply because their owners cannot afford desperately needed medical care, which can be financially overwhelming.

After doing a Google search at the public library, Chewy’s owner was incredibly grateful and “relieved to find a place that gives discounted medical care to keep pets and people together.” He rushed the pug puppy to PetAid Animal Hospital, where he was diagnosed with parvo. Easily winning over the hearts of our dedicated veterinary staff, Chewy was treated just in time and fortunately, his life was saved.

Chewy was lucky—he got the care he needed in time to make a full recovery, much to the delight of his adoring owner, because of medical subsidies provided by kindhearted and compassionate PetAid donors. What makes PetAid a truly one-of-a-kind community resource for less fortunate pets and their people is that although veterinary services are discounted, the standard of care is never compromised.

By increasing grassroots knowledge among pet owners on fixed incomes (as they are often unaware of the importance of booster vaccines), PetAid Animal Hospital hopes to prevent parvo emergencies. However, we need your help in eliminating the barriers to quality veterinary care so that our favorite furry friends can remain healthy and bonded with their human companions. Please join us in creating and improving access and opportunities for Colorado’s most vulnerable pets and people with a gift today!