Charlie the Charmer


A curious fellow occasionally prone to mischief, Charlie is a seven-year old Maltese Schnauzer who enjoys exploring and often sticking his nose into places where it might not always belong! Charlie’s curiosity put him in serious danger when he came across some parachute cord in his garage and gobbled it up while his family was fast asleep.

His owners, the Masias family, didn’t know about his midnight snacking, but soon noticed that Charlie had stopped eating and wasn’t feeling well. They brought him to PetAid Animal Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a high fever and an infection in his abdomen. A difficult surgery was immediately performed to remove the entire knot of cord that was deeply lodged in his intestines.

Now, having bounced back quickly, Charlie continues to charm anyone lucky enough to meet him and is just one example of a vulnerable animal PetAid Colorado was able to help thanks to our generous donors.

“We were scared and sad because without the help of this incredible place, we wouldn’t have been able to pay for the surgery that saved Charlie’s life,” the Masias family later emphasized.

Charlie remains in their loving care because of medical subsidies that are made accessible when pet owners are in dire financial straits and out of options.

Will you consider improving and impacting the lives of pets like Charlie when they need your help the most?