Carlito the Courageous


When Carlito was born, he was the tiny runt of the litter. But that didn’t stop his owner, Cayla, from providing him with a loving and happy home in Colorado Springs. After some extra nursing and lots of cuddles, Carlito developed into a playful, energetic, and social kitten with a big appetite. But one day, out of the blue, he stopped eating and became lethargic. Once he began vomiting, Cayla knew that something was wrong. She took him to their nearest pet clinic, where x-rays revealed that Carlito had swallowed a bunch of hair ties that were now stuck in his intestines.

Cayla was shocked to learn that removing the hair ties would cost several thousand dollars. “I just don’t have those kinds of funds, but at the same time…I couldn’t bear to let him lose his life,” says Cayla as she held back tears. To her relief, the clinic gave her information on PetAid Animal Hospital and the donor-subsidized, quality care it offers to pet owners struggling to afford treatment. She rushed Carlito to Denver, bursting with renewed hope that he could receive the medical help needed to ease his pain and suffering—and, more importantly, save his life.

“When I arrived, the front desk staff had compassion, respect, and empathy for me,” says Cayla. “The veterinarian who examined Carlito was very gentle and loving with him—she seemed to genuinely care about him as much as I do!” Carlito was given fluids along with some medication, and instead of having to resort to surgery, PetAid’s veterinary team was able to successfully use a massaging technique that allowed the hair ties to pass on their own.

When Cayla returned to the hospital (after hiding all of her hair ties!) to pick up Carlito, she was both excited and nervous. Her nervousness quickly dissipated when reunited with her cuddle buddy and best friend. “To say I’m pleased is an understatement. Carlito is clearly on the mend, and I can see that he is already getting his energy and playfulness back. I am so grateful to PetAid. It is an amazing organization that saved my brave baby boy.”

Carlito is one of the 13,712 pets whose lives were turned around this past year thanks to donations from friends like you. Because of your continued support, PetAid is able to discount veterinary care for pets that are in need when an unexpected injury or illness occurs. If you care about animals who are helpless and hurting, please consider helping pets like Carlito. There is no better time than now!