Caregiver Cat Helps and Heals

Did you know that PetAid Colorado programs provide support across Colorado and not just the Denver metro area? A PetAid Care Grant recently helped Frances, who resides in Glenwood Springs at a group home for people with disabilities and living on fixed incomes. Frances is dependent on the use of an oxygen tank to breathe, and relies heavily on Muffy, an Abyssinian service cat trained to help Frances with many of her daily needs.

“I’m diabetic, and Muffy wakes me up to remind me to take my medicine and alerts me when my oxygen is low,” Frances explains, before adding with a grin, “She keeps the toilet flushed, and her body is my very own pain-relieving heating pad.”

Because of her limited mobility, Frances is homebound and Muffy is the only companionship and family she has left. “Muffy was by my side and gave me an endless supply of cuddles and comfort when my son died suddenly in an industrial accident two years ago. She’s truly given me something to keep living for.”

When Muffy stopped eating and began losing her teeth, Frances became distressed and wasn’t sure where to turn to “do what was best for Muffy and not let her down.” Fortunately, the All Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital was able to intervene and diagnosed Muffy with periodontal disease and pancreatitis, both of which would need to be promptly treated to ensure she’d have a second chance at a life free from any further pain and suffering. 

The All Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital had donated cat food to Frances in the past and were aware of her financial struggles. They decided to apply for a PetAid Care Grant, which helps cover the costs of a one-time surgical procedure to save the life of a beloved pet with a good prognosis. As a result, Muffy’s pancreatic situation was stabilized and she underwent a dental prophylaxis to stop the progression of gum disease.

The PetAid Care Grants program was created to help pets such as Muffy who, while safe and happy in their homes, face uncertain futures when unexpected illnesses or accidents occur and their owners simply can’t afford the overwhelming medical costs of in-clinic care.

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