Bella Bounces Back

Marlo and Vivian adopted an abandoned Chihuahua mix named Bella four months ago and since then, both agree that life has improved substantially for them, as she’s become a regular part of their daily routine. “It’s hard to get by living solely on Social Security income,” says Vivian, “but having Bella encourages us to get out of the house, stay active, and enjoy life so much more.”

Bella loves going out for walks and often gets too excited for her own good! One day, hearing the familiar sound of her leash being taken off of the coat rack and knowing that she was headed for the park, she bounced down the stairs in a hurry and missed the last two steps, severely injuring her front right leg. Marlo and Vivian rushed Bella to her regular veterinarian, where x-rays were taken, and the couple was informed that she would need surgery to stabilize her leg with an implant.

Unable to afford this medical procedure, Marlo and Vivian were referred to PetAid Animal Hospital. There, doctors discovered that Bella’s radius bone had calcified and that they would be able to manage her fracture successfully with a cast. As Marlo held Bella in his arms before her appointment to have her cast removed, he expressed his gratitude at knowing they would still be able to take their walks in the park every day.

“Without PetAid’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to save my baby. This is a wonderful organization. Bella not only makes our lives better, she loves us and keeps us healthy.”

Compassionate donors give families like Bella’s a second chance by creating access to quality, subsidized veterinary care. Unfortunately, so many others aren’t as fortunate and have no other choice but to euthanize or relinquish the pets they love when faced with unexpected medical care they just can’t afford. Help alleviate the pain and suffering of pets who live in loving homes, but whose owners don’t have the financial means when unforeseen injuries or illnesses occur. Your support will improve the lives of those less fortunate who need your assistance now more than ever.

PetAid Animal Hospital is currently raising $91,000 to provide vital orthopedic veterinary care for animals in need. The hospital offers surgical options for the treatment of a wide range of orthopedic disorders such as fractures and ACL tears. PetAid Animal Hospital clients are given discounts ranging from 15 to 50% based on an income sliding scale, with at least 90% of those clients receiving the 50% discount.

Not being able to provide discounts results in clients doing one of three things when in desperate need of orthopedic aid for their pets:

1.    Seek help at locations that provide a lower standard of care;
2.    Defer treating the illness or injury, causing prolonged suffering; or
3.    Surrender or abandon the animal, further burdening animal shelters and risking public safety.

Unfortunately, the number of pets who could greatly benefit from the orthopedic fund far exceeds available resources. PetAid Animal Hospital experienced a 47% increase in the number of patients saved this past year, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to touch so many animal and human lives. However, we continue to need help in achieving our guiding mission to act as a veterinary healthcare safety net. It is only because of the compassionate and kindhearted support of our donors that we are able to successfully make veterinary care possible for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

Would you like to join PetAid Colorado in building a healthier, brighter future for the pets and people we serve?