Give Back Through PetAid Community Outreach

Each year, Denver-area veterinarians and veterinary technicians partner with PetAid Community Outreach to bring pet wellness and vaccination clinics to communities in need -- free of charge. This program takes veterinary care directly to the pets of those experiencing financial challenges and personal barriers to receiving care in a veterinary clinic setting.

This year, PetAid hopes to serve 500 pets -- but we can't do it without you!

Ready to volunteer? Contact Katie Koch at or 303.539.7273.

How do wellness and vaccine clinics work?

Wellness and Vaccine Clinics involve teams of volunteers going to a pre-determined location to provide a general wellness exam and core vaccines to dogs and cats in need. The clinics are conducted with scheduled 15 minute appointments, though walk-ups are accepted when time allows. Clinics usually last between three and six hours and serve a minimum of 12 pets and a maximum of 100 pets, depending on the number of veterinarians and technicians volunteering.

Each pet that comes to a wellness and vaccine clinic receives the following services free of charge:

  • Wellness exam

  • Vaccines (Rabies, feline/canine distemper as needed)

  • Nail trim (if needed)

  • Anal sac expression (if needed)

Volunteer positions needed

Licensed veterinarian

  • Discuss pet’s health with client

  • Perform thorough wellness exam

  • Administer vaccines (DA2PP/FVRCP/Rabies)

  • Counsel client on any follow-up care their pet may need

Veterinary Technician

  • Discuss pet’s health with client

  • Assist during wellness exam

  • Restrain animals

  • Draw up vaccines

  • Trim nails

Interpreter (Spanish)

  • Assist clients with checking in / checking out

  • Translate basic health information during conversations between pet owners and veterinarians or veterinary technicians

  • Assist pet owners in understanding any follow-up care that is needed for their pet

Upcoming wellness and vaccine clinics

Clinic with William Tell Apartments
Wednesday, August 16 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Denver – Capitol Hill Neighborhood
Clinic Serves: Low-income senior and disabled residents


Clinic with Aurora Animal Shelter 
Wednesday, August 23 | 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Clinic Serves: Low-income community members
Volunteers Needed: 1 DVM, 1CVT
We are especially in need of Spanish-speakers at this clinic!


Clinic with Denver Housing Authority
Tuesday, October 3 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Denver – Westwood neighborhood
Clinic Serves: Low-income, elderly and disabled pet owners
Volunteers Needed: 2 DVMs, 2 CVTs

Clinic with CSU, DFL, and Focus Points Family Resource Center
Saturday, October 14 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Denver – Elyria Swansea Neighborhood
Clinic Serves: Low-income pet owners
Volunteers Needed: 5 DVMs, 5 CVTs, 3 Translators (Spanish)
We are especially in need of Spanish-speakers at this clinic!