Louise Harrison Legacy Society Honor Roll

The Legacy Society is a special group of people showing extraordinary generosity by including PetAid Colorado in their estate plans.We are deeply grateful to the Legacy Society members listed here, and hope their leadership inspires others.

Patricia A. Baker

Nancy S. Baumer

Jo Bennison

Marcia Hewitt Bishop

Gloria Borglum

Marilyn Carmichall

Stephanie and Dave Cook

Jim Crafts

Helen Cranor

Lisa Crispin

John E. Dumbauld

Lorrayne Eagles

Arlene Y. and Harold I. Eaton

R. Michaels Edwards

Robert J Failing

Mary Foster

Jeffrey Geiger and Nanette Spence

Chuck Graves

George and Linda Griffin

David S. Hanson, MD and Jolene K.

Johnson, MD

Theresa Heyer-Schmidt

Karen J. Hickey

Sarah T. Hodge

Michael R. Horan

Lu Horner and Jim Miller

Holly Hoting

Maria Hursh

Larry Jensen

Suzette Kinzbach

Chris and Kathy Morris

Donald L and Echo Owen

F.R. Paquette

Jeffrey H Shore

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Swanson

Terrie and Thomas J. Swanson

Bernice K Verlinden

Jill and Tim Wayne

As with any decision involving your estate plans, we urge you to seek the advice of professional counsel when considering a gift to PetAid Colorado.