Jason's Angel Fund

 Help pets like Tinker by becoming a Jason's Angel Fund supporter today! 

Help pets like Tinker by becoming a Jason's Angel Fund supporter today! 

Jason's Angel Fund...helping ensure every animal with a chronic illness gets the veterinary care it deserves.

PetAid Animal Hospital treats over 120 pets with chronic diseases. The average veterinary subsidy provided per pet is $580. This equates to over $69,000 annually that is needed to care for these underprivileged pets in order to save countless lives and avoid immeasurable suffering.

One such pet is Tinker. Tinker is a beautiful black-and-white 13-year old cat described as “a furry tuxedo” was adopted by his owner six years ago from a shelter. The two immediately established a loving bond that grew even stronger after her husband passed away. Tinker has been a solid source of support, helping her overcome “depression, fatigue, and tremendous loneliness.”

When Tinker became restless and started “peeing in places he’s not supposed to,” there was clearly something wrong. An ultrasound and x-rays were taken at Tinker’s local veterinarian, where it was revealed that he was suffering from a urinary tract infection and kidney disease. If left untreated, the infection would develop into a life-threatening condition, especially in male cats.

There is no permanent cure for this condition, just treatment. To continue living free from pain, Tinker was going to need kidney testing monthly and a prescription diet to slow down the disease’s progression. Tinker’s owner lives solely off her Social Security benefits, and truly struggled both emotionally and financially with how she was going to afford an ongoing treatment plan for her most lovable companion. Without the means to provide payments towards this specialized medical care, she was faced with having to relinquish Tinker back to the shelter. That very thought left her heartbroken and overcome with grief.

The pair were referred to PetAid Animal Hospital and because of the Jason’s Angel Fund, Tinker was able to continue receiving medical care to manage his kidney disease.  

Tinker’s story is one of a thousand pets who are treated at PetAid Animal Hospital every year. Sadly, so many animals in need endure pain and suffering every day without treatment for their chronic illness or injuries.

A one-time gift of $580 or your monthly contribution of $48 is all it would take to provide access to quality veterinary care for those in need. 

Become a Jason’s Angel Fund supporter today!