Frequently Asked Questions at PetAid

Q: "I need, cheap, low-cost vet care for my dog or cat in Denver because I'm low-income. Can PetAid help me?"

A: Yes! PetAid Animal Hospital helps pet owners by offering income-qualified veterinary care for their pet. If you live in Denver, and are looking for a low-income clinic, learn more about PetAid Animal Hospital


Q: "I'm unable to make it to Denver for your clinic. How can I access services for my pet?"

A: PetAid Community Outreach is a program that was formed to help community members who unable to access our in-clinic care. While you cannot request a Community Outreach appointment for one specific pet, your facility can sign up for this service through our organization so that we are able to help as many pets in your community as possible. If you are a low-income facility, community center, or government housing facility manager, learn more about Community Outreach and how we can help.

Q: "My dog or cat is very sick and needs emergency care. What can I do?"

A: If you have an emergency situation with your pet, please visit Animal Critical Care and Emergency ServiceS (ACCESS) at 1597 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80214. You can also call ACCESS at (303) 239-1200.

Q: "I heard that PetAid offers grants to pet owners for vet care. Can I get a grant?"

A: Unfortunately, PetAid Care Grants are not offered to the public -- they are only offered to veterinary clinics and veterinarians who apply for them on a patient's behalf. Our guidelines also state that Care Grants are a last-resort financial option intended to support a one-time surgical or medical intervention for a companion animal with a good to excellent prognosis -- that means, the pet must need medical care as an emergency intervention. If you are a veterinary professional, learn more about Care Grants.

Q: "I want to volunteer at PetAid Animal Hospital and help play with the animals! Where do I sign up?"

A: While we do have so many adorable animals come through our doors every day, our greatest need for volunteers is in an administrative/office capacity. That doesn't mean you won't be able to pet some cute dogs and cats every day! But, as a busy office, we really need volunteers who can help us with important tasks such as filing paperwork, helping to clean the kennels, and other duties. You will be making a meaningful difference in assisting our not-for-profit organization by helping out underprivileged animals in need. Find out more about our volunteer opportunities.


Q: "I am so grateful to PetAid for the help I received. I want to tell everyone all about it! Who can I speak to?"

A: We are so happy to hear you had a wonderful experience with us. Please email Michelle Ferguson, PetAid's Grant-Communications Writer, at to tell us your story, and YOU could be featured on our Facebook page, newsletter, or blog. Your story may help others who need help for their pet, and inspire others to support PetAid!