PetAid DVM Referral Program

PetAid Animal Hospital works with veterinarians across the state to fulfill its mission of providing a healthcare safety net for pets and people in need. 

As a veterinarian, you are a "trusted partner" of PetAid Animal Hospital. If your client is in financial need and unable to afford the full cost of a necessary treatment and/or procedure for a pet, you can refer your client to PetAid Animal Hospital. Based on the "trusted partner" relationship, PetAid will extend to your client a 50% discount on treatment and/or procedures related to the specific illness or injury for which they were referred -- even if they do not meet the PetAid Animal Hospital qualification guidelines. This ensures that your clients can obtain treatment for a pet's medical condition when owners are experiencing financial hardship.

Clients are encouraged to return to your practice following care at PetAid Animal Hospital, otherwise they must qualify for ongoing discounted care at PetAid Animal Hospital.


Clients are expected to pay for services at the time they are provided, and PetAid Animal Hospital accepts Care Credit.


PetAid Animal Hospital is not an emergency clinic and sees patients by appointment only. In some instances, following a telephone consultation with a veterinarian, PetAid may be able to provide emergency procedures.

PetAid Animal Hospital cannot accept the following referrals:

  • Unstable respiratory patients

  • Patients requiring 24-hour monitoring or supervised overnight care

  • Patients requiring weekend care

Depending on caseload, PetAid may have the capacity to schedule a same-day appointment. Clients may be required to transport their pet to another facility at the end of the day if overnight care if necessary.

To refer a client, a trusted partner veterinarian must:

  1. Call PetAid Animal Hospital for emergent cases to verify that your patient's care can be provided. See referral form for veterinary referral consult line

  2. FULLY COMPLETE the required referral form and send it via email to

  3. Attach all relevant medical records and diagnostic reports to the email with the referral document. PetAid must have this information before seeing the patient.


Download Referral Form