PetAid DVM Referral Program

PetAid Animal Hospital works with veterinarians in the Denver area and across the state in fulfilling our mission to provide a healthcare safety net for pets and people in need. 

When a veterinarian feels their client is in financial need and unable to afford the full cost of a necessary treatment and/or procedure for a pet, the veterinarian can refer them to PetAid Animal Hospital, where they will receive a 50% discount off treatment and/or procedures relative to the specific illness or injury for which they were referred - even if they do not meet our established qualification guidelines. If the client wishes to continue having their pet(s) cared for by PetAid Animal Hospital once the referred condition has been treated, s/he will then be required to disclose their income in order to determine if our income qualification criteria has been met.  

In general, clients of PetAid Animal Hospital are qualified based on income, which may include factors such as unemployment, public assistance, child support, Social Security, or disability payments. Discounts vary depending on the level of income and are usually between 15% and 50% off of our market established prices. Most of our clients usually fall into the 40% to 50% discount range. Qualified clients earn up to 3.5 times the national poverty level with adjustments being made for each family member. A pet owner’s expenses are not considered when determining whether or not they qualify.  

The PetAid Animal Hopsital's Referral Program allows veterinarians to make a referral based on a client’s overall need, regardless of whether or not they would typically qualify for our services. This allows clients to obtain treatment for a pet's medical condition that they cannot afford to receive at the referring veterinarian's practice.  

Clients are expected to pay for services at the time they are provided. On rare occasions (and only in extreme situations), payment plans may be extended to clients. However, clients must be aware that this is not a standard option. If a payment plan is authorized, the client will still be required to pay at least half of the invoice total at the time of service. 

PetAid Animal Hospital accepts Care Credit, and provides services in line with a typical veterinary practice. Orthopedic capabilities include amputation; simple fracture repair with splints, external fixators or pins; extracapsular repair of ruptured cruciates; repairing luxating patellas; and performing femoral head ostectomies. Most soft tissue surgeries are able to be performed, although complex cases may need referral to an overnight facility for additional monitoring or will need to be scheduled with certain staff. Additionally, the hospital can perform dental cleanings and extractions supported with digital dental radiology.  

PetAid Animal Hospital is not an emergency clinic and we see patients by appointment only. We may in some instances have the capability to schedule an appointment for a patient the day of, but it depends on the current hospital caseload at the time. There is no overnight supervised care provided, and clients may be required to transport their pet to another facility at the end of the day if overnight care is necessary. 

In order to qualify as a veterinarian referral, the veterinarian’s office must authorize the client to be seen by completing our referral form (see link below). It is expected that a referred case will have a working diagnosis/potential treatment plan in place. The referral form and all related records should be faxed to PetAid at 303.871.7029. PetAid’s Medical Director, Dr. Susan Meany, or any staff veterinarian can be consulted on whether the case is something that should/can be transferred, as well as if there are any other questions about the process. A brief report on the case will be provided to the referring veterinarian via email, fax or telephone.


Download Referral Form