History of Disaster Services Program

PetAid Colorado made great strides in helping our state become better prepared to deal with animal issues in disasters.

By partnering with state agencies, academic institutions, non-governmental associations, the private sector, and volunteers to use PetAid Colorado’s charitable status, staff resources, voluntary programs and the strength of the veterinary community, we helped build Colorado’s capacity to respond to animal issues during disasters.


During a disaster, PetAid Disaster Services provided:

  • Unit coordination for the Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (COVMRC) whose credentialed members are available to support local animal emergency response efforts, animal disease outbreaks and planned events with veterinary medical services, sheltering, animal evacuation and search and rescue.

  • Support of Community Animal Response Team (CART) development through training resources.

  • Deployment AKC trailers with the capability to house up to 65 animals.
  • Support of ESF # 6A (Care of Companion and Service Animals) at the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).