Thank you CPR Listeners!


We greatly appreciate your interest in PetAid Colorado, the healthcare safety net for pets.


The heartache and distress when an owner just can't afford the veterinary care their pet needs...

Who will treat the illness, fix the injury, relieve the suffering, sustain the bond?

We will...Together

PetAid Colorado keeps pets and people together through programs for owners who can't afford the care their pets need.

We believe that all pets, regardless of their owners' financial status, deserve the veterinary care needed to prevent suffering and relinquishment.

No pain. No suffering. No broken bond.

PetAid Colorado is the healthcare safety net for pets. In collaboration with veterinarians and community partners, we fulfill a vast need for veterinary care to over 8,000 animals annually. The generosity of donors allows PetAid to offer a unique array of programs and discounted veterinary services and additional subsidies.


Help us help the thousands of pets in need:

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