Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (COVMRC)

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (COVMRC) and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps - West (COVMRC-W) provide veterinary professionals and animal emergency responders with the training and credentialing necessary to support animal health and public health emergency response.

The COVMRC and COVMRC-W are Medical Reserve Corps Units under the Colorado Medical Reserve Corps program and are supported by a broad multi-agency partnership. COVMRC and COVMRC-W may be deployed in one of three general ways:

1. By local emergency management to provide veterinary and animal emergency response support during emergency situations.
2. By the State Veterinarian during an animal health emergency or other state-level incident where veterinary and animal response personnel are needed. 
3. By the Unit Coordinator to support a planned event where service animals are utilized and are in need of care.

The COVMRC-W primarily includes the counties and tribal areas west of the Continental Divide and the San Luis Valley.

Individuals interested in joining COVMRC
The COVMRC will be transferred to Eagle Valley Humane and managed by their team on a statewide level; they will now be the housing and fiscal agent for the East and West units. Sarah Heckathorn has accepted the East unit coordinator position while Char Gonsenica will continue management of the West unit.

If you would like information on joining either of these units, contact Sarah Heckathorn at for the East unit or Char Gonsenica at for information regarding the West Unit. Additionally, you can contact Koral O’Brien, the state Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, at