PetAid Community Outreach

Program Overview

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PetAid Community Outreach, formerly PetAid Home Outreach and Home Outreach Pet Exams (HOPE), hosts free wellness and vaccine clinics throughout the Denver metro corridor that serve seniors, people with disabilities, the homeless, and others with barriers to obtaining in-clinic veterinary care. All medical services delivered by this program are done so by licensed veterinary professionals who donate their time and expertise.

Why is this initiative important?

Few communities have a resource dedicated to meeting the medical needs of animals belonging to the underserved, which makes the Community Outreach program a unique and much-needed resource. In addition, if any follow-up care is required, Community Outreach provides subsidies for the pet to receive that care at PetAid Animal Hospital.

PetAid Community Outreach strives to:

  • provide care for pets that may not otherwise receive veterinary care;

  • educate clients in basic home pet care and disease prevention;

  • provide peace of mind by reassuring clients that their pets are being cared for properly; and

  • counsel clients in non-medical needs of their pets, such as behavior and diet.

Wellness and Vaccine Clinic Information